Candy Unwrapped



Our team created Candy’s logo, branding design, and social media marketing from scratch. We took into consideration her urban personality to create a modern, cosmopolitan vibe. For her designs, the team used a mix of sans-serif and handwritten fonts to give her brand a complex yet playful look since Candy talks about multiple subjects on her channel. We wanted the design to translate all that made her truly unique.

As for her social media, Candy came to us with a challenge: she wanted to share with the world her ideas but didn't know how to. Since she had many things to talk about and no idea where to begin, we saw it as a unique opportunity to create something different.

So we came up with Candy Unwrapped: A channel on YouTube where she would share her stories about the entertainment industry, life in New York City, and opinions about the world in general. We have developed a dynamic brand strategy that suits her personality, and an authentic and consistent voice to use throughout all of her accounts and were able to grow her audience, which includes some loyal fans!


Design and Social media marketing