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Branding / Design

Logo Explorations

Until arriving at the final version, there is a process with variatons of the logo.

Final Decision

Rune-like logo, resembles a token, or an old mythical symbol, which brings us back to the roots of the brand’s name.

The “swirls” on each side help associate to the liquid contents of the bottle. It also refers to water, the element of the Nymphs/Naiads.
It is constructed with two faces facing outwards. They are an abstract version of a face, the owability of water connects with the adaptability of people.

Clear Space

Give the logo space. To preserve the integrity and visual impact of the logo, always maintain adequate clear space around it. It’s an integral part of the design and ensures the logo can be seen quickly, uncluttered by other logos, symbols, artwork, or text.
The clear space is determined by an X space. The X is equal to the height of the Mark.

Logo Colors

The color version of the logo is always the preferable choice. When not possible the black and white options are available.




Social Media