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Branding / Design

Logo Explorations

Until arriving at the final version, there is a process with variatons of the logo.

Final Decision

We designed UHSC’s new logo. We wanted to balance simplicity and complexity; both can be equally impactful and memorable, and a combination of the two can be even more effective. If one looks closely, one can make out the letters: U, H, S, and C.

They are intertwined in a clever way, and despite this complexity, people are likely to remember how it made them feel. The outer portion of the logo is far simpler. It is the classic shape of a house and conveys the simple fact that this company deals with real estate. This too will be memorable, and it will also be the most appealing part of the logo to people who are actively searching for real estate companies to sell their house or houses.


We designed UHSC’s website ( from scratch. Our focus was on individuals who want to sell their homes fast, and we appealed to them by providing information on how working with UHSC can benefit them.

Understanding UHSC’s brand was also critical; understanding its tone, target audience, and style allowed us to design the page and its visuals in a way that would be most attractive. Now, US Home Seller’s Club has a visually stunning website that contains swaths of information for customers and targets a niche audience!