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“Growing Your Roots in the San Joaquin Valley”

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Vista Consulting is a public affairs office in San Joaquin Valley, California. They give assistance, counseling, and advising to their clients in the realm of public affairs/relations, advocacy, and management. Their services can be employed by a wide range of clients, including those in the industries of water, agriculture, technology, health care, and cannabis. Largely, they focus exclusively on San Joaquin Valley, and they work to give in-depth, creative solutions for whatever problems their clients may bring to the table.

Our services for Vista included complete branding, website design, logo design, and more. In branding, we focused on identifying their target audience and building the values and attributes Vista would project. This included creating mission statements, tag lines, and pushing forward their honesty, diligence, and creativity. In logo and web design, we leaned heavily towards ease of use, recognition and thematic designs. Each item we implemented in some way demonstrates Vista’s theme, values, mission and audience. This way, viewers are truly taken in by Vista’s core values and central morality.


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