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WordPress and shopify dev


We are a marketing startup. We need someone to work with our WordPress, Shopify premade templates. Most of the job requires coding and developing sites for our clients.


  • Get work in time on deadline.
  • Be online Monday – Thursday 9am -3pm PST. Los Angeles time.
  • 30 minute – 1 hour conference calls on Sundays. Most likely at 11am PST


  • To be determined. 


  • Transfer content from current sites, to new WordPress templates. Work with Shopify import themes.
  • Solid understanding of WordPress powered website creation & production workflow
  • Some Shopify knowledge
  • Have solid understanding of cPanel, domain & hosting management
  • Be in touch with PM & most importantly QA, for understanding newer project requirements .
  • Be responsible and friendly

Complete test questions to be considered

  1.  What technology you can use to send files from your PC to the server?

  2.  How do you transfer database? Let’s say you created some custom forms, custom pages? Is there a way to manually modify SQL dumps for demo/live usage?

  3.  Do you know how to work with cPanels?

  4.  Let’s say you will have to give a website on “key”, e.g. buy domain, hosting and implement live push from scratch. From what you would start?

  5.  How do you handle custom stylesheets and javascript in WordPress?

  6.  You have a fully custom design of a website provided to you by a designer. Would you use pre-made theme and modify it or create your own from scratch?

  7.  What is the most famous plugin for contact form functionality?

  8.  Your client complains about site speed. What you would do? Are there any plugins for it?

  9.  You showed a client a pre-made theme, and he liked it. He said, he would like to use that theme for the project. But there’s a menu with links to social networks which isn’t present in that theme. What you would do?

  10.  Your client called you in the middle of the night and said the site is throwing error 500 or 503. Except for a panic attack, what else you are going to do?
Project example: Client sells items on eBay. He wants the items that are listed on eBay to be automatically transferred over from eBay to their site. So, if he lists on eBay, it automatically goes to the site (everything about the product, weight, height, size ,etc.… ) If the item sells on the site, it updates on eBay, and vice versa. How would you create this site.

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